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Kamis, 04 Mei 2023

Alert! The West Cross Road Behind West Lampung Hill is in Danger of Breaking Up

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The West Cross Road in Kubu Perahu Village, Balik Bukit District, West Lampung, is in danger of being cut off. Photo: Echa/Berdikari.co

Berdikari.co, Lampung English - The West Cross Road in Kubu Perahu Village, Balik Bukit District, West Lampung, is in danger of being cut off. The shoulder of the road so that part of the road has collapsed. As a result, vehicles must pass alternately.

Berdikari.co monitoring at the location, the shoulder of the road and part of the road has collapsed due to landslides under the ground under the rain.

The road that had collapsed was right around the bend. These conditions make motorists have to be extra careful when passing, especially vehicles with large tonnage.

Some of the asphalt on the road has fallen to the bottom of the ravine. Even though a dividing line has been installed, it still does not provide a sense of security and comfort for motorists.

This is because currently only part of the road is passable, and motorists have to take turns crossing when they arrive at the point where the road has collapsed.

Lingga, a road user who passed by the local location, said that the collapse of the road that connects West Lampung and West Coast Regencies has been going on for a long time and until now there has been no attempt to repair it.

"With the high intensity of rain in the last few days, the subsidence of roads has become more widespread. Before Eid yesterday, it was only on the side of the road that it collapsed. Now, part of the road has also collapsed," Lingga said, Wednesday 3 May 2023.

As a result of these conditions, continued Lingga, there is only one lane on the road that can be traversed by vehicles, so they pass alternately.

He revealed, so far no permanent repairs have been made by the relevant parties to the collapsed road body.

"Several residents took the initiative to go down to the location to regulate vehicle traffic during the homecoming season and the return flow of the last Eid. This was done to avoid things that are not desirable, "he said.

Lingga hopes that the national road that has collapsed can be permanently repaired soon so as not to endanger passing vehicles.

Muzanni, another driver, said that quick and permanent repairs on the national road must be carried out immediately to prevent unwanted things.

"If it's not repaired immediately, it will definitely get worse, especially since almost half of the road has collapsed. If you leave it for too long, it could be dangerous. If the road is broken, transportation can be paralyzed," he added.

Rusmadi Gani, when contacted, the field technical coordinator of the National Road Implementation Office for the regional work unit, said that damage to the national road section is included in the 2023 repair plan.

However, he could not say exactly when the repairs would be carried out. "Yes, we are trying to get a budget for repairs. Insya Allah, it will be repaired soon this year," said Rusmadi. (*)

Editor Didik Tri Putra Jaya