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Rabu, 26 April 2023

After the Eid Holiday, Syaiful: Way Kanan Civil Servants who do not come to Work Will be Sanctioned


Regional Secretary of Way Kanan Regency, Saiful, when questioned. Photo: Rahman/berdikari.co

Berdikari.co, Lampung English - Today is the first day of work for State Civil Servants in the Way Kanan Regency Government. However, it seems that many of the State Civil Apparatuses in Way Kanan Regency do not go on leave together.

Based on the monitoring of independent.co. in the field there are many State Civil Apparatuses in the Way Kanan district administration who are not present today.

When self-help.co. trying to confirm to the Way Kanan Regional Personnel Agency office did not get any information even the Head of Service was absent or on leave.

"The Kadis is not on leave," said one of the staff, Wednesday 26 April 2023.

Meanwhile, Regional Secretary of Way Kanan Regency, Saiful said, in accordance with central regulations that today is work after the Eid holiday.

"Indeed, we are still on leave, this morning the regent has filed an application for all regional government officials, and those who did not enter today are still being recapitulated by the inspectorate, they have not been reported to me today," he said.

Saiful said, for those who had received sick leave, there were those who immediately reported and sent a certificate from the doctor.

"Yes there are several service heads, such as Hairunnosa and Juanda Head of the Library service who have sick leave and direct permission and send evidence of statements from doctors directly," he said.

Saiful said, State Civil Apparatuses who were absent without explanation would be dealt with strictly according to orders from the Regent.

"We will see who is not present, the regent ordered, later we will take firm action. So we didn't have an inspection, we immediately called, what is certain is that if you don't come in without a statement, your performance allowance will be cut," he said.

Saiful said, for the Way Kan regency administration, they did not issue a leave circular like the president's recommendation.

"We didn't do it, because time was running out, so we just shared the minister's letter, but it's only for 3 days, if you want to take leave, you have submitted it from the start before Eid," he concluded. (*)

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Editor Didik Tri Putra Jaya